Who is This - Lil Durk

Who the f_ck is this man (5 in the morning)

Hello, I got Fredo with Lil Reese on camera
Putting duffle bags to work in the phantom
Man it ain't sh_t we can't handle
Hello, who is this?
Ya'll going in and out of town, and we watching (what)
That deal that you got, can't top it (man)
These cases that we got, the new topic (the new topic)
Hello (let's get it) who is this?

[Verse 1]
Feds watching me saying first 48 (let's get it)
Said 3 hunnit part of the murder rate (I heard)
N_ggas snitching, b_tches tellin'nem, where shorty stay
I need to pack up and leave before the 28th (I'm gone)
Go to OBlock, call up Top'nem (Oblock)
Catch a opp, 30 pop, they can't stop them (brrr-ah)
Rumor 'round that the labels gon' drop them (we fold 'em)
Rumor 'round that the opps gon' drop them (they fake)
Got Gotti calling me about white (about white)
Got my hittas on point all night (all night)
Got the plug acting funny, its tight (its tight)
Cuz the feds on point, its alright (let's get it)


[Verse 2]
Cop a brick on parole, f_ck a judge (f_ck a judge)
Gotta choose who you want for a plug (let's get it)
Before I get robbed, I'll take a slug (brrr-ah)
Gotta watch for a n_gga with a bug (he a snitch)
Ch-ch-ch-chopper be like here to waste (here to waste)
For a fee my lil' n_ggas take it face (take it face)
See I'm chilling where its hot and ain't safe (the lam)
Where you get shot down for a eighth (for a eighth, bah)
Fredo got the trap going nuts (going nuts)
Reese keep telling me its just us (at the top)
Savage sh_t, b_tch we don't give a f_ck (give a f_ck)
I got the feds calling me about us (let's get it)


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