The Way She Rides - Luke Combs

Screamed into the driveway, with my foot stuck on the gas
Had the Crown mixed up in a Dixie cup, when she hopped into the cab
She said "Boy what you got in store, what we getting into tonight?"
Hell, I don't care, I'll go anywhere, just as long as you're by my side

Whether she's sitting shotgun with her hair done
Or with the seat leaned back with the radio on
Or the backstreets, in the backseat
Those baby blue eyes staring back at me
Whether it's in park or it's in drive
I love the way she rides

So we hit that ground a running throwing coughs into the wind
Well it wasn't long before that drink was gone, and she was shaking that ass again
She said find somewhere dark where we can park, and put a hurting on this bottle
So we said goodnight to the city lights, and kicked in full throttle



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