Biggie Nigga - Lyfe Jennings

So we was together for a little while after that ya know things, things did get a little better, ya know what I am saying. Ya know after about the time I met somebody else. I met this lady ya know and um another lady other that her you know I got my record deal ya know what I'm saying. And things was like all love, man I mean it was like you know all these things that I had dreamed about was now coming true man and I hell I ain't ashamed to say that I felt like , like Biggie N_gga.

First off I got to send a shout out to Brooklyn, B k in the building stand up. Second of all. Man I tell you when I do these interviews out here man, all these cats always asking me who do I mostly resemble in the music game. So I think to my self, why Who could I have said I mostly resemble in this game and one name keep on circulating thru my brain man none other ya?ll know him as Biggie N_gga.

From a place where them n_ggas don't talk a lot. License suspended so we walk a lot. Always been a thug, since I was a young cat brisked up like Godzilla, mix my similac with cognac ohhhoo
Now I can't even pray no more. Cause I done did so much dirt, and smoked so much dro, I'm afraid God'll be like what you callin here for, don't be dialing my line asking me for sh_t no more.

Whoa it's Biggie N_gga recard me as a City N_gga, yeah it's Biggie N_gga recard me as a City N_gga

I done seen church boys get killed like that, roll off at the mouth when they ain't built like that
So for all you wanna be's out there whose attitude is sh_tty, Yeah God don't like ugly but he ain't too fond of pretty because I'm a hustla from the top of my doo rag to the bottom of my timb's that done left prints on many backs like 50 said these in the street n_ggas they ain't playin, and if ya'll don't like what I'm sayin ya'll gon have to murder me again,

Yeah it's Biggie N_gga recard me as a City N_gga whoa it's Biggie N_gga recard me as a City N_gga
So for all these cats out here doin what u do man, you Biggie, for all these cats out here doin something positive in ur community you Biggie, for all these rap cats that's on the struggle trying to come up on the stone you Biggie, for all you cats doin that nonsence on that bullsh_t?.You ain't Biggie N_gga ha ha ha It's your boy Lyfe Jennings man AKA Biggie N_gga

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