Ghetto Superman - Lyfe Jennings

Haha...I'm fine y'all
It's your boy ghetto superman
aka lyfe
aka don't gotta wife
what up young boy
everybody talkin about livin on capital hill
we livin on the hill...ya know?
talkin about the front rown, front row?
we livin on death row

we grew up in the gutter eatin peanut b_tter sandwiches...with no jam
we looked up to the hustler's on the corner throat soar from screamin...get your money man
had dreams of movin on up to the big george, weezy and florence
But it's kinda hard when police is havin you killed...resurrected, rearrested for old bench warrants
yea its a struggle man, but we handle it the best we can
only difference between folks thats free and folks in jail is some of us got caught on the way to heaven takin the shortcut through hell

ghetto superman
faster than a caddillac
able to leap tall buildings when police is on your back, yea
it'a a bird it's a plane no it's
ghetto superman
talk slick as republicans
sold almost as much dope as Uncle Sam your friendly neighboorhood superman

if you played on my playground
you'd be used to hearin stay down...they shootin
lost my daddy in a shootout chest all blew out...another family ruined
had dreams of findin a good job so he wouldn't have to rob n_ggas..i'm a stick up kid
finally get what we deserved instead of havin to take what they give us
yea its a struggle man but we takin bullet at a time
but it's kinda hard to get that monkey off your back while that monkey still on your mind, on your mind


It'a a bird it's a plane no it's ghetto superman y'all (5X)

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