Sinner - Lyfe Jennings

lord they really think they fooling you by coming to church on sunday
praying and laying hands on folks
stomping and jumping around faking the holy ghost
but its a thin line between
walking it and talking it and living it and giving it
or just pretending its alright
and did they really think that they
could pull the wool over your eyes (oh)
did they really think that by thinking that
they were saved they would get the same reward
this will be the realest thing i ever wrote 4-sho
and after this a lotta folks wont like me no more
but after this i gotta go answer to you lord
so i made up my mind
ima go to church on sunday
and see the soul when they hurt somebody's feelings
so that maybe i will will be there
as it is in heaven
and hopefully they will see
how much they really be discouraging a lil old sinner like me

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