Too Cold Here - Manic Street Preachers

Born in burial gowns, we say sex slowly
You soon wish you couldn't see at all
Tortured in the mind, six voices alone
Futile gestures and motionless groans
Everyone asks what's wrong, but what's right?
And a cute line makes everything uptight
To kill your dream before it's considered
To live in silence in this closet no vision

It's easier to make love to a stranger than to ask a friend to call
Suspicion knows nothing and is known for not much at all, much at all

Too cold here, ten years of bleeding inside
Always looked for walls to lean beside
Too cold here, ten years of bleeding, it's ice
Always looked for shade to cover your eyes

Self pity itself is so shallow
i am so sick in mind and body, heart cold as stone
Whisky my coral, my piece of mind
Hello Mr. Simpson you can clean my soul
Wake up sighing, mass for for the bleeding
Never share sadness mine a man prays painless
Coalescing mind, I hid in rooms,
Cannot give anything and never could

Prison it's only four walls but sometimes
the mind is the smallest prison of all,
I fear in there, I burn, I veer,
as a boy without touch feels
through his fall, through his fall.

too cold here, ten years of bleeding inside,
always looked for walls, to lean beside,
too cold here, ten years of bleeding, it's ice
always looked for shade, too cover your eyes.

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