Bounce Bitch - Memphis Bleek

Yeah, yeah, yeah
Huh, huh
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Y'all ain't ready for this sh_t
Y'all ain't ready
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Let's go, yo

You ho's know I stay jig
ROC wear sweat suits
Type to pull up on your block
2G benz coupe and you know
I ain't even got to spit no game
I just show you the chain
Then I'm getting some brain
Hit it left, right, left
Like I'm bouncing with drama
Just light up a light
Put that glow on the arm
I let you sip Don
If the Cris' too strong
Once the b_tch drunk
Then she showing that thong
As we proceed
Got her rolling the weed
Hydro eyes low on our way to the p's
Ya'll know I go I be nervy than deez
N_ggas who scheme
N_ggas who be trying to get Bleek
So you know I keep the heat
I be ready to creep
Nine low, bright though
Get a quick thirteen
Violate you'll see
You can die this week
Motherf_cker I don't play
I get this cream, jigga

[1] - Bounce b_tch
Let's get it poppin'
You f_cking with this thug
Who love to go shopping
Love to cop jewels to light up my crew
So b_tch act right
You could light up to, but
Bounce b_tch
Let's get it poppin
You f_cking with this thug
Who know when they're watching
You know I aint frontin'
Show me something
B_tch, you act right
I might buy you you something

Ayo you know the wife
She the type you aint seen duke
She love a thug
When he dressed in them jean suits
With that ice that bling duke
She know the Memph
Get deep in her spleen duke
I keep her jig
Cause I send her through Nine West
Your b_tch bad but I keep mine dressed n_gga
Gucci shoes, Fendi bags and sh_t
Princess cut's briggets all that classy sh_t
And you know next step
Now she giving me head
6a.m f_ck it we could do it again
And I'm a Juvenile b_tch
So back that ass up
You drink, I'ma Cognac your ass up
What's your life like
I'm about my ends so get your peeps, I got a couple of friends
And I'ma tear it up sh_t
Smoke an ounce and I'm gone
If the cat tight
F_ck it Memph leaving tomorrow

[Repeat 1]

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