R.O.C. - Memphis Bleek

Yo Just man, gimma a heat rock man
DGL we back in the club again, ya know? Holla
J-Jeah j-jeah j-jeah bounce! easy!
Ya heard? we back - b_tches
Don't be scared now, it's the Roc
We here, ya know? as if we left this b_tch (R!)
Really though, ya know? (gimme the O!)
Marcy holla, uh oh (C!) Brooklyn
Let's do this sh_t right, yo

[Verse 1]
I pull up on deuce deuces, still roofless
No security I move with shooters
V Tweezy dual exhaust
Stashbox like a childseat, tucked in the baby Taurus (DGL!)
I'm on skinnies, two with me
Battle of Armi, '89 in it I'm blowin on Phillies
And yeah I'm high as f_ck
And the Roc's the realest click n_gga I'm a buy as f_ck WHAT!
Say I'm bug cause I walk with a hung John
Nine two hund' fifty, don't disrespect me
I call my n_gga seal the deal
Cause he just brought a G to seal the deal prick!
And I got that on stand by (stand by)
What you commercial n_ggas fly stand buy, won't stand by
And let a n_gga do his dues
F_ck these hoes, get this bread, rep the crew, the

[Chorus - repeat 2x]
R - realest n_ggas puttin it down
O - other n_ggas can't see us now
C - come through your hood snatch and reap up
But keep cannon on me to clear streets up

[Verse 2]
You talk jewels, my ears got 2K blazers
Roc jeans, Airs in all flavors
White tees and fitted's, backwoods and spinage
That's haze for you dudes who dont get it
I smoke silver and strawberry
Easy ball like Maurberry you know I'm not the ordinary
I keep one that keep one
Yeah my b_tch bag b_tches too, we the illest crew
Nothin change but the rims upgrade
It's quarters now ma, and I'm on it now
So hop in, I pull off like toupes
And the only thing I rock on my hip that's two ways
My b_tch, my beeper, Bleek keep two heaters
Still peeling the city with two seaters
And you know how I does it while I'm doin it
Black coupin it b_tch, I keep two in it


[Verse 3]
Look here, I live wild like Q cousin +Day-Day+
Anytime I want, I take they K
+Next Friday+ till November
Stay two more weeks I'll be home in December
You know I move like that
The game all mad cause I'm back with my tool like that
I'm in that big body truck
That I whip through the sky like I don't give a f_ck
Got trucks with drivers, cars low mileage
Just copped it, I drove it and parked it
Truthfully thats my Sunday wheel
And your wife, real nice, she my Sunday feel n_gga!
I got one day for her still ok for her
But by sunrise, I throwed her one high
You know I'm up and out
Hit the brake clutch throw it in first, pull out easy gone
It's the..


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