U Know Bleek (Intro) - Memphis Bleek

[Memphis Bleek]
Yea.. serious sh_t..

[Record scratch]
Aiyyo, this time it's for my family, we ride or die
It's in the blood til the death, now aim for the sky
My fo' blow for sure, for dough, for own land..

[Record scratch]
It's money, drugs, and hot slugs
It's money, drugs, and hot slugs [Street Scholar]
It's money, drugs, and hot slugs [R O C]
It's money, drugs, and hot slugs

[Memphis Bleek]
N_ggas said I can't do it
Funny I done it
The album is here, now who the f_ck want it?
I let n_ggas eat now I'm here to collect
I admit they tried, but they ain't rep correct
Now the dinner table's set and it's my time to eat
Don't even wipe your mouth, get up, be out!
Don't let the cars fool you, or the jewelry blind you
My life's the realest n_gga, I should write me a novel
This for them broads that'll hold me down
And my n_ggas on the Internet that download my style
And my dog in line in at chow
Just bangin with his walkman playin me loud
And the n_gga with that plate
Choppin them grams, him and his man
Listening to music that they understand
And that white boy goin to college
He don't know about the ghetto but know how to hold metal
Them white boys, they'll shoot sh_t up
They can listen to this sh_t, I don't give two f_cks
But back to it, sippin on that Cognac fluid
In the Porsche, burnin the conduit
This is ride music, get high music
That M dot, hot supply music
That's the answer, life's like cancer
I thought I told y'all n_ggas I'm serious!

[Record scratch]
It's money, drugs, and hot slugs, you know Bleek

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