Change up - Memphis Bleek feat Beanie Sigel Jay-Z

[Beanie Sigel]
You bout to witness somethin like no other
The sky gon' get dark, streets gon' clutter
Weak-ass n_ggaz out there gon' suffer
Vets gon' quit, it's gettin hectic (uhh)
The sh_t got deep - right about the time
when the year skipped a beat, that's when my sh_t hit the street
Sh_t gon' shake up, squads gon' break up
Coats gon' get pulled, n_ggaz gon' wake up
Everybody want see a chance to eat
and chance the streets, you know they gon' 'vance police
Like the time they shackled me from hands to feet
cause I gave the jail system, a chance to speak
You know the cops wanna trap me up, the block wanna clap me up
It won't stop 'til they wrap me up (E'rything signed and sealed n_gga)
Gat be tucked, heat gon' back me up
R.O.C. - Bleek come on n_gga, back me up

[beat changes]

[Memphis Bleek]
Yeah.. yo..
Aiyyo Memph the young God, boss of this game
Got my part locked, I does my thang
Don't mistake me, I tote them thangs
Glock fo' pop off, knocks off thangs
Whole squad here, you know my click
Petit nice thing, you know my b_tch
Wide body truck, you know my whip
Cop that rock that pop that sh_t
y'all n_ggaz, talk about, ain't really got
Me, I think dog, you not really hot
The hood I be, I stay in the drop
My hood, yo' hood, I'll lock any block
East to West Coast, Chi-Town baby
I come through, it's my town baby
A.T.L., I yell "Whattup my baby?"
Hit that, get that, bye bye baby!

[beat changes]

Uh-huh uhh..
Guess who? Young Hov'
Bout to tear this motherf_cker DOWN!
Holla at me! It goes.. uhh
Jigga Man huh, it goes..
Nah! Y'all n_ggaz ain't gon' have me rappin on the bullsh_t man
I.. I need some real music
So when we count to three and sh_t
Ya gonna drop some real sh_t
One, two, three - let's go!

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