Hood Muzik - Memphis Bleek feat M.O.P.

Know what this sh_t sound like right n_ggas?
That old gun out music in the hood right?
You hear it n_gga, don't be scared n_gga
My n_ggas is wit me, we focused man, yeah
Get Low in the building, y'know, n_gga
Let's do it, c'mon, yo

[Memphis Bleek]
It's gettin hot so the shorts is on
Gotta tote the snub it's too warm for the long, n_gga
You could pass me to baby's zoo
One shot'll turn a n_gga face into baby food; BLAAH!
Get it clear, now why they lookin for Saddam
Weapons of mass destruction is here
I got a few in my hood
In case a n_gga ever get the feelin and he think that he could
Or would, pull sket on me
I could show you first hand what's a felony
And a hobby and the process of gettin money is nothing
I'm not Sosa, but the dogs is coming
This is not not, no, no, motherf_cking game
Entertain you motherf_ckers is not why I came
It's R.O.C. and M.O.P.
I wipe floors wit little n_ggas for f_ckin wit my team

My n_gga think so god that ounce and mo ice and the nicest MC
But yo big, tell god I said naah, cuz he throw like a b_tch
When he threw it he missed, the niceset MCs is right here
Why the f_ck you throw it over there
The whole rap game turned into a 2-Pac-a-don
Gangsta boy boppin, with his nuts and cock in your palm
Playa pass the baton, got a few jack tools and bullet scars
Now you got your 2-Pac costume on (THUG LIFE!!)
First of all, y'all n_ggas gon' need more songs
This M.O.P. n_gga we put it down (put it down!!)
Motherf_ckers trying to figure me out
Wanna see what a n_gga be bout
But if I told ya, I predicted the death of my oldest brother was last
And the death of my mother you'd probably think I'm crazy as f_ck
Rumor has it that I' m half past the seventh hour
Naw n_gga I'm a quarter to eight, M.O.P.!

[Billy Danze]
Now let me clear this up for you youngun, Bill still comin
The Ville still gunnnin (St- tuh tuh tuh tuh tuh!!!)
Runnin I come from the Browns where n_ggas don't play fair
It's no love lost cuz it was never none there
Put me in a position to blast
I'll pop you and drop you, where they be fishin for bass
So once you ramblin, take you, drape you, and break you to small pieces
And FedEx your fingers to one of your nieces
We hold fort, we don't give a f_ck about you
Ask them bouncers we'll stomp the sh_t out you
Bill's, not concerned wit a turn and it's the shine
Cuz every step along the line I'ma take mine, n_gga
In '87, I started my career
I'll jump back, (clap!) and get it goin this year
I live my life, in crime time b_tch
And that's about the size of it AAAOWW!!!

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