Murda 4 Life - Memphis Bleek feat Ja Rule

[Memphis Bleek talking]
Yeah, what y'all n_ggas want?
Street sh_t,Memph Bleek sh_t,Ja Rule
[Ja Rule]
ya heard n_gga

[1]-[Chorus (Ja Rule) 2x's]
N_gga's live with it money,drugs and murda for life
B_tches deal with it,only lovin' them hoes for the night
if you feelin' it,get high it's all right.But you can't get it
till the day, ride em' high

[Memphis Bleek]
Yo, you can holla at the dog
Haters want to see me fall
B_tches want to see me ball
Killers they don't want to see me at all
If I wasn't rolling with the roc
Would you n_gga's pass roc,
Yeah birds, or flash glocks
I walk around with two mac's,razors,and ice picks
Just cause' you n_gga's want to see me hurtin' like them
It's all about the benjamins,money,cash,hoes
livin' through this sh_t i'm in,n_gga stack dough
Street scholar, eight-figga n_gga, white collar gat
Ain't the M-E-M-P-H man,b_tch holla back
I'm a creature smokin' on hate since it was reefer
Drug ass flow, like I've been cuffed with Eta
Mark ass n_gga don't want parts of this n_gga
Spark with this n_gga, blaze bark with this n_gga
Me and Ja Rule f_ckin' you hoes is what these guys do
Ain't the type to buy you,mommy how are you?
Slide cock inside you supply you, with ten b_tches times two
I'm a motherf_cking animal

[2]-[Same chorus with different wording - 2x's]
N_gga's live with money,drugs,and murda for life
B_tches deal with it,only lovin' them hoes for the night
If your feelin' get high it's all right
N_gga's can't get it to the day ride em' high

[Ja Rule]
F_ck, the world cause it ain't quite ready for me
I'm livin' my life n_ggas take a look at these eyes witness What it's like to
be real n_gga's
Guns,drugs,hot slugs,coke rugs
Want some, get some, bad enough, pop some, n_gga
F_ck around with Ja and may get hit up
Tearing your whole clique up, then we clip up
N_gga that's what the murder, N_gga that's us
What the f_ck? Is you ready to die right now N_gga?
Make you feel my style n_gga
Growin' up with wild Brooklon and Queens L n_ggas
Hit em, any n_gga that breathe room reel em wit' hot ones Ain't no n_gga like
me, who you ridin' with?
Rollin' nothing but hot sh_t,yo' b_tch my b_tch
Only difference is b_tches on my d_ck, blow d_ck
How Icock spread it, hoes love that sh_t
You sel-a-bid I turn you in to the freakyist b_tch
Have you topless ,dancing in bars naked for dollars
Y'all b_tches know how my style is, always in some foul sh_t
RULE b_tch let the world know when I spit
Nothing but the murderous ,live with it

[Repeat #2 chorus - 2x's]

[Memphis Bleek]
Yo,Yo,Yo Holla what you think of that?
B_tch where we freakin' at?
Bum chicken I don't speak to that
Fly mama i'll creep with that
Live with it,lick and hit it, don't stop, get it get it
Don't trick it, b_tch would you F_CK with it?
Brooklon and Queens(it's murda)yo it means mo' killas
(it's murda)mo' guns, mo'drugs,mo' real ass n_gga's
Holla, don't give a f_ck dolla's
N_gga's what you want get it crump blazed stump
What the f_ck y'all want n_gga?

[Ja Rule]
None of me cause' i hit em' with too much style
In my energy, got n_gga's creating little me's
I'm a lot game squeeze
Knowing it's my time if I leave and breathe
N_gga's hatin' on mines i'm a nightmare
N_gga's better prepare to die and deal with
Ja hollering murda for life

[Chorus#2 - 2x]

[Ja Rule]
Uh,uh,yeah n_gga
Ja Rule
Memph Bleek
Holla Back
It's murda,it's murda
We out

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