Stay Alive in Nyc - Memphis Bleek

Yea street life
Gutter sh_t
Soldier life n_gga
Get it right
New York City
Where I'm from
Live are Die
Do what you do

Check it out now
Yo I'm here to put my thing down
Set up shot with c_caine now
Pick off n_ggas who aint down
I'm in the game now
Brought a couple of cats from the way down
Who know how to slang thows
And grimmy n_ggas who aim wild
Who juss want to rep
And wet n_ggas who think foul
Ran into Jay while I'm clappin this math
This crab show me some slab
Now I'm tryna get back
We played the out skerch
N_gga smoother then my shirt
Spit a couple of words, a pound, then he merked
Sh_t he left skid marks
I let the clip spark
When off in the hood
Played the bench till its dark
I'm profouned to the drug game
A thin line between love and hate
Some n_ggas I love to hate
I thought my connect respect me
This n_gga got bad words since some haters wet me

[Chorus 4x's]
To stay alive in New York City
To stay alive realize that you got to be a soilder

Check it
Yo I'ma soldier to the heart
Through my blood line
One way to catch a crab is always on his front time
I keep a chicken on a bench flippin
I smoke weed but this sh_t got a n_gga slippin
A herb seed burn me, drop the L
Spot it through my per-if-u
This n_gga tryna murder me
Shorty wop jumped in front of me
Caught one
Blaze back empty empty the roots
Through the b_tch n_ggas, take that
N_ggaz killed my down b_tch
Bust around b_tch
I dont know who clapped
So I dont hang around
Lame beat me on the ounce of raw
Dominican n_gga
Look innocent n_gga
F_ck it I'ma finish this n_gga
Back the coop out the lot
Cock one in the drop
Put the burner in the dash fee dipped in black
Got Bleek on alert
For the cat who beat me on the stack

[Chorus 4x's]
To stay alive in New York City
To stay alive realize that you got to be a soilder

Yo, Yo
Slow money, broke n_ggas, no weed
One gun
And my down b_tch gone
Got a n_gga on the run
Strip hot
N_ggas came through
Bang shots
Have me sleeping in my wheels
To the real get got
Now I play the cut
On some n_gga what sh_t
Flip fo-in-dicals
For real now who wants it
Two blocks from the Jay's this n_gga lay
He pump trays
Try'n to get the Memph man put away
His next option
Pack up get out of dodge
When he caught I'ma let the fifth give his face a massage
Too much dro got my eyes low
On the creep triple black down
Cuz I'ma cripple that clown
Spotted him by WoodHall
N_ggas think the fe-in took off
Like he ran track or he played football
Hot day and everybody outside
I'ma catch him on that block
Where the hot wips ride
Ride slow this n_gga out burning trees
Wit a bad b_tch
I'ma put his brain on her sleeve
I'ts already cocked
I move slow up the block
Jumped out
Made him tounge kiss the glock
I Squeeze two
And n_ggas seen this n_gga drop
Cold of the street and forever stay hot

[Chorus 4x's]
To stay alive in New York City
To stay alive realize that you got to be a soldier

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