Why You Wanna Hate for - Memphis Bleek feat Noreaga

[Memphis Bleek]
Get your ones, get your guns
Muthaf_cker it's on
New millenium, and what?
Bleek re-born
All the haters eat a d_ck
Who I'm riding with b_tch
You know the game and the name
I ain't change for sh_t
I toke cuatro cinco, when uno says
Keep uno in the head, you wouldn't f_ck with this
My guns German, bullets burning
Where them bricks I'm searching
I need the money urgent
And I'm rushing, you slowing me down, ain't no holding me now
I'm out the gate, on the throne and I'm holding it down
All my n_ggas on the run, you's to eat for a reason
F_ck around and holla wrong, me and NORE come in squeezing
And these streets is mine, M-E-M-P-H, I got style
I make it look good being wild
With da game I got, anything I got
I hate everything in site, whether aiming or not

[Hook (X2)]
Yo, what you n_ggas wanna hate for?
Why you n_ggas all running outta state for?
You ain't thugs and you n_ggas can't take for
Now you snitchin' why y'all wanna turn states for, ha?

What, what, I do this sh_t for the streets
Just left Iraq, bout to meet with Bleek
Aiyo, and we both got weed in tons
When me and MemphMan, smoke the call us lazer lungs!
Thugged Out, Roc-a-Fella, big bank acounts
On the sky-tel with big type, and bring the ounce
Clip on n_ggas, n_ggas just be seeing me cussing
How you dig up with my style, the way I be rushing
Just to style you head in
You drove to a dead end
So what you gon' do now, once I but lead in
I say what, what, now y'all say what, what
I say, that I'm a thug, now y'all wanna be thugs
And I admit that I'ma hustler just hustling drugs
Yet I do this sh_t because crime pays
I'lI rock a cescear and doo rag
And I don't got waves
(don't got waves, don't got waves, don't got waves)

[Hook (X2)]

[Memphis Bleek]
Yo,yo,yo, n_ggas wanna turn states
Just hand me the eight
Have a crib in Iraq, for the Memph escape
Where the D's won't find me
Trees is lime green
Hoes give head just to ride and watch springs
N_ggas gon' hate, 'cause we trying to get rich
My steak got A1, I can taste the chips
Give them facial hits, from the chrome thou flip
With the serious scratch, get them pinacles back
You can take some n_gga, you wouldn't take some of these
My bullets heat up and burn, n_gga, feel my sting
For the 9 double 9, these streets is Bleek
All my n_ggas on the run just got to eat

[Hook (X2)]

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