Love Thang - Michelle Williams feat Dawkins & Dawkins

[VERSE 1:]
I could see if i'd done something noble,
incredible or simply wonderful
Then I'd understand just why you care for me
Saved the child from the building on fire, then fed
all the hungry supplied their needs
Then maybe it would make more sense why you
dare to love me, but

I can't figure out this love thang
Though we've talked about it all before
But the truth about this love thang, no one else
can love me more

[VERSE 2:]
Ran to others part time lovers for comfort
Lord I'm sorry I must have been out of my head
Tell me how many times did I manage to break
your heart oh yeah
Said I'd do but I didn't, no I should but I wouldn't
Inspite of it all still You said
I'll always love you, love you as you are


Like a mother's love for her newborn child
You've embraced me and my faults
Oh with a love so strong and unconditional
Never once let me go
I've made mistakes so many time taken
advantage of you
But you've forgiven time after time, no matter
what I do
I'm so in love with you


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