The Incident - Michelle Williams

[VERSE 1:]
Lovely summer day
Humbled you'd come 'round this way
And I know what the people say
But I don't mind

(Cuz) I know it's straight insane
Like Superman and Lois Lane, no
Parker and Coltrane
On a 12-bar ride

Still you offer me this day
Tearfully I hesitate
Knowing I can't repay
with a million lives

But humbly I take your name
And I know that everything has changed
And tryin' hard to expalin
No words I find

Still I wanna say I love you
(I wanna tell you
I'd tell You but I can't explain it
I can't explain it 'cause
I don't even know why)
I wanna say I needed you
(I guess You know this
I guess you knew everything about me
Long before the Incident At The Well)

[VERSE 2:]
Well it's been a few years now
And still sometimes when I'm in a crowd
I'll hear some fold whisperin' loud
As they pass me by

"Remember that Girl Michelle (huh?)
you know that chick from the well..."
And as I pick up my pail
I can't help but smile

Cause they don't know the half of it
Hey they don't know how deep it is
Hey they don't know what you did
How you took my broken heart ad put
it back again
(If they only knew...)


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