Too Young for Love - Michelle Williams

[Verse 1:]
Her mom say's she don't want him
Callin that house phone no more.
Her dad say's she should find her some new friends,
Stop always thinkin bout boys.

But how can they constantly make her decision's
It breaks her heart inside (her heart inside)
16 years old going through this transition
They don't care about how hard she cries.

He's just a boy
She's just a girl
Alone in this world, but not too young for love.
When their old and together, they won't
Have too answer to anyone.
Who say's we're too young for love.

[Verse 2:]
Yeah, I know he should,
But he don't want to go straight to college
Cause she's just a junior, and he's going to leave
Her parents are making it worse.

But how can they constantly make his decision's
It breaks his heart inside (his heart inside)
18 years old and he's in this condition,
They don't care about loosing his pride.


How can you people hurt, what their feeling inside.
Can't keep giving up on their heart
I can't let them break us apart
Just because
They think that we're too young
Oh hey...

[Chorus: until song fade's]

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