Where Have You Gone? - Mike Doughty

oh i could give a straight up goddamn
i could give you four or five of them
i got a thousand in my bank account
break it open let the goddamns walk out

all my traumas hinge upon
some convoluted axiom
of the cube of x plus y
equals itself divided by now

where have you gone?

i been to south of highland falls before
i am a waiter in a furniture store
i'm in demand and i'm unsure why
i get to roll with the flyest of the fly

all my limbs are sticks and lines
my head's a point upon my spine, i can't
get no quadrilateral
i can't say half empty or half full now

and slapping at the angles of the shape you're in
left sleeve in velvet, right sleeve in sharkskin
all your laughs snapping like a dog bark
left here looking for girls that glow in the dark

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