Beautiful Girl - No Authority

Oh yeah
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Sitting by the phone
Girl, I?m feeling so alone
How I wish I knew your name
When I saw your eyes
Girl, a touch of paradise
You have set my heart aflame

It?s a shame (it?s a shame)
Cause the girl I love doesn?t
Know I do, oh no
It?s a shame (it?s a shame)
I?m too shy
To tell her my
Love is true, oh yeah

* (Beautiful girl
Please tell me who you are)
I wish upon a star
I hope my destiny takes me to your heart
I?ll give you everything
Your love is all I need
My beautiful girl

Dream a dream come true
I will only dream of you
Baby that is how I feel
Love can be so cruel
Oh, my friends say I?m a fool
Tell the world this is for real

Who am I (who am I)
To believe she even would
Talk to me
Oh, oh, oh
Who am I (who am I)
To believe in a love that might
Never be
Oh, oh

[Repeat *]

Does she think that I?m her type of a guy
I?m a dreamer
That I cannot deny
It?s so hard
And I?m so shy
Beautiful girl
Beautiful girl

[Repeat * , * , *]

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