If You Want Me - No Authority

(R. Jerkins, J. Tejeda, F. Jerkins III, L. Daniels)

Tell me baby, if you want me
Let me know, baby baby
Listen girl

Girl, sometimes I need some help
See I can't do this thing all by myself
We're supposed to have a mutual love
But I'm the only one to give it up
Am I the one that's wrong
To give you love so strong
And not get in return
So let me know right now, anyway and anyhow
What's going on, tell me please, yeah

If you want me, you gotta show me
You've gotta tell me what it is you're thinking
If you love me why do you just walk on by
Baby let's get it right, ain't no time for slipping

Let me know, end all confusion
Stop thinking that I can read what's on your mind
Girl, I am always here to work it out, so please don't fear
Express your feelings to me, don't keep them insides
'Cause you will hurt yourself, and you will hurt my feelings
Let's stop wasting our time
Is it me or someone else, baby explain yourself
Let me know the deal, tell me

CHORUS (twice)

Now here's your chance right now
To tell me what you wanna do
Now you can come with me or stay right here
Girl, it's all up to you
See, ya know how it can be, between the two of us, you and me
Just make up your mine and let me know
How far you want to go

CHORUS (twice)

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