Keep On - No Authority

(V. Brantley, M. Chambers)

Keep on, keep on girl, its on and poppin'
Keep on, keep on, ain't no need for stoppin'
Keep on, keep on, just do it if you like it
Keep on, keep on, 'cause I like it

The party's at my house
It's on and poppin' till the break of dawn
I'm in need and want
Of someone special, you might be the one for me

Every time you walk my way
Girl, you know I've got to say, say ooh, say ooh
Everytime you look my way
Girl, you know know I've got to say, say ooh, say yeah


Have I seen your smile before
I think I saw you in my dream last night
Don't blame me for calling you up, baby
This opportunity I can't ignore

CHORUS (twice)

I see the fellas here from down the street
So tell me ladies if you're down with me
We all can kick it like we family
If you're with me then feel me when I say


Girl, I like the way you do your thing
That's why I kick the rap and the homeboys sing
When I get deep, I'll put a rock on your ring
You could my queen and I could be the king
Yeah, you can laugh, 'cause it sounds kinda funny
But the man you're with now, he don't got money
He don't treat you right, I'll love you like there's four of me
Do what we want, go where we want, No Authority


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