Never Let You Go - No Authority

(R. Jerkins, J. Tejeda, L. Daniels, J. Kohan)

I'll never let you go
My feelings prove and show
I'll never let you down
I'll always be around

You see, I'll never ever leave you lonely, girl
Because I need you around in my life
In trying times there's nothing you cannot tell me
Whatever's wrong girl, believe I'll make it right

It's all about you, baby, it's true
Letting you walk out of my life would be a sacrifice
So baby stay, don't go away
I will lose all my sanity, that's why


Can't you see you're my one and only
Without you my days would not be completer
So whenever baby girl you need me
Call on me, I'll be there in a heartbeat

I'm here for you if you need me
You should know that you can count on me
Girl can't you see you're all I need
Don't think that you just can walk out on me because


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