She Drives Me Crazy - No Authority

(F. Jerkins III, R. Jerkins, L. Daniels)

She drives me crazy, oh, oh, she makes me
Lose control when she comes my way
I won't forget her, no, no can't let her
Capture me and take me away

Whenever you're around, I just can't sit down
'Cause you are the girl that drives me wild
At night I can't sleep, 'cause I see it in my dreams
And you are the one taking over me, yeah


The way you move, the way you do your thing
It lifts me up inside, can't stop it even if I tried
You said you couldn't be mine or next to me at all times
Without you I'm going insane, am I to blame

CHORUS (twice)

Girl, you know you have my heart
And full control over me
You see, I've never felt this way
That's because you drive me crazy
Crazy, girl you drive me


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