Analog 2 - Odd Future

[Verse 1:]
B_tches think I'm crazy but I'm normal
I just come off as a psycho maniac when I'm performing
That's an act so I won't bore you to death
Cause I adore you... and it's the summer so

Can you meet me by the lake
At the park, or in your room?

[Verse 2:]
You can bring your b_tches, I'm a bring my n_ggas
You can practice liking I, I'm a practice that guitar, baby
It's summer camp Golf Wang where the talking trees are
You and girls can brawl if you


[Bridge: Frank Ocean]
If you meet me by the pier, bring the beer, we can menage
Ooh, your girl friend Nicki gots the back I like to massage
I'll be in the city with them actresses
The Nissan is down there in the bottom of the lake
I'll make sure you have a good time, a good time
I'll make sure it's a good time, a good time for you


[Verse 3:]
Love sick, where's the clinic aid we're young
Fun is what we're having, f_ck it, pour a glass of lemonade
It's snowcone and poptarts I got and I got you
Let me take a dip and you can take a break
That's only if you meet me by the lake

[Outro: Frank Ocean]
Could you meet me by the lake? (Drown today)


[Intro: Syd tha Kyd]
Meet me at the lake round ten (Come through)
Meet me at the lake round ten (It's cool, wanna kick it)

Meet me by the lake at ten
If I'm not there just call
And if you need a way there
I'll ride you on my handle bars

[Bridge: Syd tha Kyd]
Kissing under moonlight
I can bring you to our tree house
We'll be f_cking on the rooftop
If you're not down, we can just make out


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