Hi. - Odd Future

[Intro: L-Boy]
Let me tell y'all n_ggas a little motherf_ckin' story real quick
Once upon a time, there was this group of dusty ass motherf_ckers
Create a little group for themselves, they call themselves Odd Future
These little n_gga's made a motherf_cking tape, Odd Future Tape Volume 2
You know, that ugly ass n_gga Tyler with his b_tch ass
I should f_ck that n_gga up when I see him
Nappy ass hair
Left Brain, that n_gga ugly as f_ck, big ass nose
Syd gay ass, puttin her clit on other b_tches nipples and sh_t whatnot
Matt big ass, big ass n_gga with some small ass earrings, bald
Mike G, crusty ass
My n_gga Earl ugly as f_ck, let's have a moment of silence for that n_gga real quick
F_ck silence, f_ck that
My n_gga Jasper, dirty fatass, that n_gga boxers stink
My n_gga Frank. F_ck, f_ck Frank, n_gga, f_ck him
Taco, ohhh, young b_tch ass, I should, I, f_ck, I hate all these n_ggas
And you know, that little short gay light-skinned n_gga hodgy and that fatass n_gga Domo
Let me just...

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