Doms - Odd Future

[Intro: Domo (and Tyler)]
(Sh_t sound like some, Al Green sh_t n_gga
Yo Doms, please, hit these n_ggas.)
Wooooohoohoo. Sh_t
This is perfect
This beat is f_cking perfect
(Yeah N_gga) Everything is perfect
(Domo Motherf_ckin Genesis) These Bapes Pants go perfect with these shoes
(I want everybody in this motherf_cker. Roll a blunt up right now)
I do, I like this Babe Short/Shoe combination
And I got a Caprisun in here. A bit of this cold Caprisun
Blue Strawberry. (Dom, hit these n_ggas, man.)

I'm a mothaf_ckin' asshole, it's natural
To act bashful in the presence of n_ggas with cash flow
I spaz ho, laying somewhere close to where the grass grows
Listening to jazz cause these n_ggas mad trash, yo
And that, kicking dust, my sh_t is ridiculous
Quickly put my d_ck in sl_ts who nose tend to be sticking up
Silly n_ggas, give it up, no person is sick enough
The doctor needs to fix me up, fix me up
Miss nurse in the red shirt, I'm a need some f_cking head work
Talk you into anything, with talking, I'm an expert
Just talking to you n_ggas and it's sounding like my best work
Best work? For now, yes, with every drop I'm better
Better than the rest, these n_ggas apply pressure
These n_ggas, every verse is lyrically def to these n_ggas
When that hearse drop, 6 feet death for you n_ggas
Many men opposing me, no success for you n_ggas
And I'm still on my bullsh_t, loc'ing with a full clip
That's the iPhone full of verses that I could spit
Preaching to the real, why he standing at the pulpit
Throwing middle fingers at the haters like, "What's good, b_tch? "
Nah, really, what's trilly hood, b_tch?
Ham I may go, n_gga extra mayo
That's the Frigidaire billionaire Bruce Wayne flow
Show the f_ck out, dunk on a n_gga and just hang, yo
I'm a boss n_gga, f_ck what it cost n_gga
You wanna oppose me? Chalk up a loss n_gga
Get lost n_gga, out my vicinity
Cause I terminate your kind, lames is the enemy
And these haters won't get my energy
T the C, we did it, G
And I'm higher than an Asian score on SATs
And yeah, whatever

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