Lean - Odd Future

[Intro: Hodgy Beats]
Oh sh_t, yea, shut up b_tch
B_tch, b_tch shut up
The f_ck up, the f_ck you talkin', shut the f_ck up

[Verse 1: Hodgy Beats]
If I was a dinosaur I would be a flexasaurus
Since you don't like what the f_ck you heard, fast forward to the chorus
Hodgy Beats, Odd Future, Golf Wang n_gga, but there's more of us
Coroner's out when they're killing the gorgeous
Diamond cut like what the f_ck is flawless?
Tell the runner to go and get me some go
Cause I'm bubblin' on you horrors
I'm such a mystery
Mystery is more quite than a hipster Prius takin' a trip to Egypt
N_ggas claim to be scenic when I know they ain't seen sh_t
I see sh_t f_ckin' seasick, rain showers is what I predict
My flow is like gymnastics, so
Beef flips, patty cakes, smoke a pound of dro for the algae taste
Say whattup to my pinky, say hi to my index
F_ck all the hoes want middle finger, thumb take shots like a pentax
B_tch I kill 'em all, you could just write off they're death tax
Boxin' n_ggas out of the mic, punch lines, death match

[Verse 2: Domo Genesis]
I invented swag, f_ck what these other n_ggas talkin' 'bout
N_ggas wanna brag 'bout the sh_t that they lack
But the truth of the fact, it's all word of mouth
Talk a lot of crap, but ain't sh_t for sure
Bathin' Ape sh_t that I get for low
I don't pay much and I don't say much
But I still got a swag you should get to know
I flip a show, spend it on apparel
Spanish b_tch tell me I look mucho dinero
Then she say she love me and I tell her I don't care ho
I'm in the fast lane with my foot on the pedal
Smash, I'm takin' off
Lot of n_ggas hate, but I shake 'em off
Put that hash in a bong, it'll make ya cough
And the purp's goin' down like the Lakers lost
Cause we them n_ggas, yea
Doper than the 80's, baby
Careful, I might snatch your b_tch and turn her to a wavy lady
Scare 'em when I'm taking steps
Sorry b_tch, I'm paper, chase
When I get where I am, I want my demands
With my nuts in my hand, like f_ckin' bait

Yea! Balls in my hand!
Monster cock! Odd Future Wolf Gang
Kill Them All! Yea

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