Real Bitch - Odd Future

[Hodgy Beats:]
I'm tired of these hoes (hoes)
I need a real b_tch
To handle all the things
That I don't wanna deal with, oh
I said I need a real b_tch
She buys her own accessories, and her heels sick
That's a real b_tch
She really want me a lot, but she kills d_ck
Now that's a real b_tch, and I'm a real n_gga
And we the realest
F_ck real estate, we in the realest state
Counting paper bills behind the bill of gates
Peak out my Left Eye, look at her Chilli face
Could this be TLC, or is it really hate
I need a real b_tch
Where my b_tches at?

[Left Brain:]
Where my b_tches at? [x4]
Yeah, man, a real b_tch
She come home
Cook a nice little meal for a n_gga, you know what I'm sayin
A real b_tch
Don't motherf_cking run her mouth and sh_t, you know what I mean
Real b_tches wash the dishes, you know what I mean
Real b_tches
Help out to pay the bills and sh_t
You know what I'm saying
Give a n_gga a massage when they come home from a long day at work
Some real b_tch sh_t
Where my real b_tches at?

I need a real b_tch
Who can make french toast and s_ck d_ck
She's 5'6" with firm tits
Went to UCLA until she met my d_ck
You wanted to be a doctor? I bet you did
But if if was a fifth then you wouldn't be my b_tch
Making steak and bacon, that's your job, you stupid trick
Your daddy's rich, indeed, now please hit your knees
My d_ck won't s_ck itself
If it wasn't for my cock, you would have bad health
You crave my junk
Kick-box lessons so you won't get pregnant
I pull that bastard out myself, on some real n_gga sh_t
I trap, you s_ck, and the world f_cking spins
Swag [x4]

[Left Brain:]
Riding with my b_tch and you know she hella chil
Coachella, front row, baby girl pop a pill
Show me how you feel, b_tch keep it real

[Hodgy Beats:]
Um, a real b_tch
Let me see
She gotta have her own swag
Which means she's setting trends for all the b_tches out there
I see you
Um, a real b_tch
She has to have
Her own motherf_cking vehicle
And of course she paying for that motherf_cker cause she a real b_tch
You know what I'm saying, she handle her own business
A real b_tch
Don't play no games at all
Don't say no names
Don't say no pillowtalk up in this motherf_cker
Wolf Gang needs real b_tches
And a real b_tch gotta know how to roll my weed up

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