Just Fine - Pat Green

I was born down in San Antone daddy would leave us all alone, big rig rolling thunder on a Dallas bound highway home. Mama got a job and she worked real hard, she had two little kids in a trashed out car, Yeah but me and my brother seemed to get along just fine.


Yeah and you know the highway, just like a river keeps rolling on,
and you know it's my way, I was born to sing this song,
have no fear, I ain't going nowhere,
everything is gonna be just fine.

So I turn on the TV on a Sunday afternoon, this preacher was saying "boy you're gonna meet your doom, if you do to the honky-tonks and drink that ice cold beer". Well I've got me some friends and we're real tight, we stay up drinking and talking in the middle of the night, we talk about Jesus man I'll tell you he's one pretty cool dude.


Lately I've been toying with the notion, of setting these wheels in motion, set me out on the highway to see what I can see. Then you came in crying you were b_tching at me, you said your baby or the highway now what's it gonna' be, I said well maybe you don't get it it's the nature of the business, and I'm 'bout to be moving on.


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