Rusty Old American Dream - Pat Green

MMmm.. all that racket
after all the time it's been
I'm weakened underneath me where my frame has rusted thin
This year's state inspection I just barely passed
won't you drive me cross the country boy - this year could be my last

And I'm a tail wind road locomotive
from the days of cheap gasoline
for sale on the side of the road
goin' nowhere
a rusty old American dream

Rolled off the line in Detroit back in 1958
spent one day int he showroom
that was all I had to wait
I been good to those who owned me
so have no fear - come on boy put your money down
and get me out of here


This car needs a young man to own him
one who will polish the chrome
I'll give you the rest of my lifetime
just don't let me die here alone
Just jump me some juice to my batt'ry
Give that ol' starter a spin
Here rust sputter, back fire to the carborator
and run me to life here once again


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