Body Work - Pusha T feat Juicy J, Meek Mill & French Montana

[Verse 1: Juicy J]
I got some killers so dont push me cuz Juicy J be on some Mob sh_t
Waitin by your door step hot in the bullsh_t
If it comes down to it ain't no thang but to do it
Got a vest on, Got a gun that could really do it
You n_ggas is playin wid real n_ggas money
Get funny, one day you is the plug
Next day you're in the dumpster
Couldn't keep it one hundred
You're thirty-two percent
The police got you on a leash n_gga you is a b_tch

Give yo' ass that body work n_gga we spraying
Ridin wid three K n_gga I ain't talking bout the Klan
This ain't no arcade, n_gga so quit playing!
It's eat time, me and my n_ggas buffet-ing
Give yo' ass body work that we spraying
Ridin wid three K n_gga I ain't talking bout the clan
This ain't no arcade, so quit playing!
It's eat time, me and my n_ggas buffet-ing

[Verse 2: Pusha T]
You don't know about this life n_gga
Earnin all of these stripes n_gga
Kilograms, Peter Pans, Pack holders on bikes n_gga
Throwin b_tches on flights n_gga
They don't know that they're dykes n_gga
'Til the money's out and the bottles pouring
They're in the mix that they like n_gga
Rose gold all on my wrist
This rolex like devil piss
This daytona illuminate
Yall think I'm talking that devil sh_t
It's fifty racks no bezel sh_t
Like blood diamonds, it's rebel sh_t
Its more guns, its more bodies
We call shots they nobody
They f_ck n_ggas they owe prolly
Who's f_ckin wit me nobody!
When the guns drawn they're so sorry
Sprayin n_ggas now the Lord got em
Bullets out the barrel make your body jerk
F_ck Wid my money and i'll hit you that body work!


[Verse 3: Meek Mill]
Bad b_tches on deck n_gga
Money power respect n_gga
Cop, cook, collect n_gga
You was never no threat n_gga
Erybody be rap dissin
I catch n_ggas I check n_ggas
These goons wid me dont spit no verse
Just limo service dey stretch n_ggas
Black 'maro 2 S n_gga
Couple birds on my neck n_gga
Erytime them hoes see me
Dey like Meek Milly you a mess n_gga
2 gats no vest n_gga
Strapped up like i'm a cowboy
Stand tall like that Yao boy
Got a bad b_tch she 5"4
This gold roley thats on my wrist
Lephrachun prolly die for
Young boys thats on my strip
Will kill anything I say ride on
Tell them n_ggas call us if they're out of work
Cuz we lifting weights but we dont do no body work

[Verse 4: French Montana]
Shout my lawyer all the crazy sh_t I ever did
Know we love that KK sound
You know we not backin down
100 drum like hold that doe
Diamonds flash like Kodak, though
Straight cash n_gga f_ck that loan
Seven digits on that phone!
Money so long smoke a whole zo'
Getting blood money tryna put my cuz on!
B_tch I'm on fire, got my jaw wired
Sex, Money, Murder... Peter Rollack (Soundview waddap)
Body work, chopper work like a techno song
Twenty thou' a show, I just hope my n_gga Max come home(Waveyyyy)
Money fast, diamonds flash like high beams
Make it rain in this b_tch Hurricane Irene


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