I Am Forgiven - Pusha T

[Verse 1:]
This track dictates everything I'm supposed to say
So have mercy on this soul that I've thrown away
Although it's cliche the devil had a hold of me
This greedy motherf_cker couldn't put the blow away
B_tches blowing kisses and rappers throwing disses
Hoping to land their ass on all top 5 lists
I wish you n_ggas well, you n_ggas wish I fail
You gonna make me bear these arms like a Chippendale
Squeeze off on him, leave cross on him
By the time the bodies found there's peat moss on him
I could show all you the ways in which crime pays
My drug ring's a multi-million dollar crime wave
Two ranch homes, both dockside
Get this money back, counter-clockwise
Little bubble on the cut like peroxide
The poison in the car is not carbon monoxide

[Verse 2:]
I ask forgiveness lord, in hopes of getting more
Then beg forgiveness for the same thing he forgave me for
I wasn't crazy poor, see I was lazy more
A thousand kilos cross his lines that you can't ignore
I felt entitled to it, not how the bible to it
My bright eyes exposed to how the hood idols do it
I just took a page, then I took the stage
Then put the face of that Rollie in that diamond cage
I tried to tame the beast, best I could no leash
I stood the test of time, air-tight no leaks
Not a squeak not a peep of a word
I done lived half my life in arms reach of a bird
Have mercy on me, they put curses on me
I could've been six feet or had nurses on me
It was written like these tatted Bible verses on me

I feel the weight upon my shoulders like the church is on me

I am forgiven
You don't do all the sh_t that I done and make it through and not be forgiven
This is the Wrath of Caine motherf_ckers
Let this hold you over
It's just an appetizer
Ha Ha!
My Name is My name coming soon
Re-Up Gang Forever
GOOD Music
Dope boys worldwide
My Name is My Name

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