Can I Live (Freestyle) - Pusha T

Coming live in direct from Abu Dhabi
Recorded in Emirate's palace
I bring to you the Fear of God
Noah on the boards. Steven Victor on the camera
Virgil whatup?

They say it took confidence
I just call it patience
Cause I had too much pride to take this motherf_cking cadence
Now when the feds watch me, private paparazzi
Still chasing me for war crimes like a Nazi
Against all odds see the judge tried to Pac me
Lucky dice roll got my lawyers screaming "Yatzhee"
Who the f_ck can stop me run away freight train
Mike Vick's redemption, big doggin like a great dane
12 cylinders 50 grams of willing ya
These rappers get away with pushing child Illingers
Now it's hard feelings... I just put my ceiling up
Planetarium push, the Imax experience
They say I talk coke for 9 years long
That means my rap sheet is more than 9 years strong
You n_ggas would have thought that I was 9 years gone
But I am still in the mix like 9 ounces and a straw
N_gga get your bag on
B_tch get your bag on
Balenciaga Hobo so heavy that you drag home
Yeah, see my verse I let you tag along
Swim in the oasis of this drug dealer Babylon
3 b_tches 3 different flights
Glad it was 4 sides at that Paul Williams fight
The Wynn, the Bellagio, the Palms 3 nights
As long as they are separated they are my three blind mice
You can't just rap this; the same mindset
That had me hiding in the mattress, now got me round the atlas
Wish every dough boy could get a crack at this
They say when one ends, that begins a new chapter
Can I live?
You tell me, can I live?

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