Money on My Mind (Freestyle) - Pusha T

Money on my mind, money on my mind
You see, the only real money is fast money
And with these n_ggas walk around with, that's little flash money
Baby don't buy it
I know he's a ball player, but he's not gonna spend it
He's been poor for much too long, so trust me

[Pusha T:]
They thought I lay dead, I was playing possom
Spot me everywhere with the 8 like Kate Goslin
N_ggas think they sit at the top, they just posturing
Now they hide their head like an ostrich
Optimus Prime and that gull wing
Feeling like I transform, n_ggas still hands on
Whip it like a sandstorm, had the audacity to sell it in a damn prom
Get you higher Angelo, the author of this anthems
Your punch lines are mere jabs, they see through
Like the clear glass on that coupe I steer past
Money on my mind like my pillow is a vault
You n_ggas is soft so on that pillow's where you talk
Can't find it in them dealers, actresses on mattresses
Your real chance to loving you bachelors, I laugh at them
Don't you know that it's money over b_tches
B_tches love money, I granting them 3 wishes, Push

Shout out my n_gga Don C, aka Givenchy Don C,
Ya ain't even know that you got an aka did you, ahaha
Always in that fly sh_t, Mike Dean wattup? Brendan
Or should I say international Brendan, Marcus Paul? Refresh, yeah
The fear of Gods in these motherf_ckers
You can act like don't hear this sh_t man
N_ggas ain't f_cking with me man, no games, yeah.

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