S.N.I.T.C.H. - Pusha T feat Pharrell

[Hook 1: Pharrell]
Sorry n_gga, I'm tryna come home
Sorry n_gga, I'm tryna come home
Well, the walls are talking to me
And I know you think I'm wrong
But sorry n_gga, I'm tryna come home

[Verse 1: Pusha T]
Now when the phone start to click in, your words start to echo
Say you got to hang up but the man won't let go
Oh, my n_gga say it ain't so
Now we speaking on some n_ggas that he say he ain't know
We used to steal dirt bikes, dodge raindrops
So close n_ggas thought we had the same pops
Graduated, gettin' money on the same blocks
But things changed and we ain't end up in the same box
Hear 'em whispers, "it ain't adding up"
Giving you the jailhouse talk but you ain't mad enough
I never thought I'd be the last man standing up
I never thought I'd had have to question "Were you man enough?"
Long letters how the streets got the best of you
Telling all your cellies how come I ain't sitting next to you
Yeah, see I can read between the lines
So it's awkward when you call and I gotta press 5

[Hook 2: Pharrell]
Sorry n_gga, I'm tryna come home
Sorry n_gga, I'm tryna come home
I think the Feds are looking through me
Can't you hear it in my tone?
So I'm sorry n_gga, I'm tryna come home

[Verse 2: Pusha T]
Got me tiptoeing through the conversation on our calls
Tryna act normal but the writing is on the wall
It's like I hear you smiling when you heard they hit the wall
But I just let it ride so I don't be the next to fall
(They say [?] been getting money while I'm gone
And wasn't he tryna holla at my b_tch when I was home)
Nah, he selling cars, it'd be him and Lil Rome
I'm just tryna offset what he was saying on my phone
Nowadays n_ggas don't need shovels to bury you
Pointing fingers like pallbearers how they carry you
So much for death before dishonor
Might as well have a robe and gavel like your honor
I just sit and wonder, play it by the numbers
When you ride like lightning then you crash like thunder
Seen your baby mama she ain't even know if she should speak
What the f_ck is there to say knowing her king's now weak saying...

[Hook 1: Pharrell]

[Verse 3: Pusha T]
Let's talk real n_ggas, let's speak real, n_gga
How many n_ggas you know snitching you ain't killed, n_gga?
Covered his own tracks, he didn't care that
We had a legacy he killed, I got to wear that
Every move we ever made is getting stared at
I bet the man inside his mirror doesn't stare back
Break your heart when the man you call your brother
Be the same one that setting in motion all them undercovers
Called my mom mother, was at my graduation
When I signed my record deal you was my motivation
From great friends now it's no affiliation
Divided by the time he was facing
Once he told me that...

[Hook 2: Pharrell]

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