Chocolate Factory - R. Kelly

Baby there's nobody like you
You're a good friend you know
You've been there for me from the beginning
This is why I love you
I mean I place no one above you
You know what I'm saying
Anything you want
You just come and get it

Listen, When I discovered you
I discovered a peace within
A joy like no other
You are my closest friend
If you are a number
You?led be a perfect 10
Right out of the blue skies
You are heaven send
The way we make love
over and over again
If I had to describe it
wouldn't know where to begin
I am so proud to be your next of kin
You prayed over me
when I had no reason to live

Won't you come and hold and tie these
chocolate covered strawberry?s
Love so sweet
You're my chocolate factory
Gum pops, mixed with chocolate milk bars
There's so much variety
Love so sweet
You're my chocolate factory

Now if I could write a book
on how you made me feel
The title would be the strong black man
and that's for real
Got me going round and round
Just like a fares wheel
And in and out of relationships
but you're that deal
Aint nobody else
on God's great earth for me
Heaven stirred us up together
and made a perfect chemistry
Wouldn't change you for the world
as long as I exist
You're always in the kitchen
cooking up my favourite dish


You're that puzzle piece that completes me
Girl you set my soul free
Girl you're everything,
Girl you're everything that I could dream
You're my escape when I wanna be free
You're full of minty treats
like peppermint sweet tops big blue's red hots
Baby you are

Chorus (4x)

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