Homie Lover Friend - R. Kelly

homieee lover friend is what I'm looking for,
some one who can relate to what I have in store,
she can kick back with da homies, play the stake and getting played
that down to earth girl from around the world hey
we will be together for all times, I need a homie lover friend that will always
be mine

a homie lover friend is what I'm looking for

she can relate to my sex drive,
cuffing her booty while we dance and she don't mind
she's got everything that a man could ever want and more
yes she does
and her sexy gangsta way, shes got me all up in a day
homie lover friend is what I need for always


she's the kinda lady that will do n e thing for me,
that she truly loves yeh she love
felloers u no she would, yehhh
she s sum kind of sadie
she will satisfy me

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