Spend That - R. Kelly feat Young Jeezy

[Hook: R Kelly]
Ain't nothin' to a boss, yeah I spend that
I ain't worried 'bout the cost, I spend that
Poppin' bottles in the club, yeah I spend that
I can buy the whole club, yeah I spend that
Throw that money, spend that dough
Throw that money, spend that dough
Throw that money, spend that dough
Throw that money, spend that dough

[Verse 1: R Kelly]
Roof off of that, coupe all black
Private jet, did the show, now I'm right back
Buy the mall out, yeah I wild out
Hundred bottles in the club, now I'm showin' out
Imma shine on 'em, I'mma grind on 'em
Take a shot, turn up, and go dumb on 'em
Imma let my ice show, that's the sun on 'em
Flash money at the haters, that's a gun on 'em
Got Picasso on the wall, I spend that
Tom Ford to the drawers, I spend that
Three b_tches, one me
And they all on the d_ck, call it 3D
I bought a pound out in Paris, oohwee
Ain't inside of this world, E.T
Yeah Italian on the suit, I spend that
Y'all just gettin' rich, I been that

[Hook: R Kelly]

[Verse 2: Jeezy]
You know I f_ck with them b_tches that like to f_ck with them b_tches
I heard you f_ck with them n_ggas that like to f_ck with them snitches
What you got in your pockets, I see you holdin' them figures
I hope you don't blow it all cause that would just be ridiculous
Think I'm addicted to ballin', think I'm addicted to cash
If we leave here tonight, girl I murder that ass
Don't be all in my section if you ain't talkin' 'bout f_ckin'
We ain't talkin' 'bout f_ckin' then we ain't talkin' bout nothin'
See I came with my n_ggas, we came to f_ck up a chick
This some real sh_t to give, you better show some respect
My two-door's exotic, I blow my money with style
I got some young n_ggas from my turf with me, they're wild
I got some b_tches with ass, I got some b_tches with class
Got a b_tch right now, west side, hold the stash
If the windows are tinted, a quarter milli' a minute
Ain't leavin' sh_t in my pockets because I came here to spend it

[Hook: R Kelly]

[Verse 3: R Kelly]
This your birthday, girl, I'mma spend that
Cake, cake, cake, cake, get up in that
You set the bar so high they can't top that
Them other chicks ain't on your level, tell 'em "Stop that"
Black panties on, girl drop that
Look back at me, like I own that
Best p_ssy in the club and she know that
I make it rain so much, you gotta mop that
Moet, pop that
It's a celebration, girl, gon' toast that
Throw that money, spend that dough
Make it twerk, on that pole

[Hook: R Kelly]

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