Bolverk - Rebellion

Kvasir was killed
And his blood turned into
A mead giving wisdom to thee

Sutton the giant
He locked it away
In Hnitbjork, he won't set it free

Odin, for wisdom's sake
Empty Odrornir to spit it all out
Over Midgard as to make
The song come alive, sung out loud

Bolverk Bolverk
Odin's trickery
To lie with a giantess
Three days in a row
Bolverk Bolverk

Giant snake and eagle
To soar in the sky
As wisdom you will glow

In the middle of the mountain
The mead guarded by
Gunlod a giantess fair

Odin she saw
Disguised in a lie
His manhood eager to dare

Three days he did last
And the mead he did drink
Into an eagle he turned to fly
The mead he did spit
As to make Midgard think
And the giantess he left to cry

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