Ragnaroek - Rebellion

I see them marching
On the quaking battleground
Pale-faced fallen braves
Arriving in with mighty sound
In line with the Asir battled
And prepared to fight
The one and final battle
To be fought on Odin's side

After years of struggle
Fimbulwinter had arrived
To herald the downfall
And the end of all times
On the lands of Wigrid
Hel's entourage to defy
The Einherjars from Valhall
All predestined here to die

Heimdall blows his mighty horn
A warning for the Gods
Odin rides to Mimir's well
To seek advice, at once

All the Asir and the fallen
Are storming against Hel's force
Led by Odin in his armor
With a helm of gold and horse

And when Freyr falls
By the blow of the flaming sword

Ragnarok - Fire's hurling round the earth
Ragnarok - Swallowing the whole wide world
Ragnarok - The prediction is fulfilled
Ragnarok - Many Gods have been killed

The hellhound Garm and Tyr
They both die in their raging fight
Thor, he beats the Midgard snake
Just to perish close aside

Vidar lost his father Odin
Now he seeks out for revenge
Devourer Fenris has to yield
Torn apart by Vidar's hands

Heimdall - Loki, both lie slain
Evil prevails in the end

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