God of Thunder - Rebellion

We've made the way
To Kiew and the rapids we survived
The Dnepr now runs
Peaceful as the dragon swiftly glides
An island in the waters
With ancient oaks appears
A place to hail the thunder god Thor
I fell you near

[Pre chorus:]
7 goats we brought
As a sacrifice
So Thor may smile
We offer blood for life

And gold we have
To bury here
Make strong our arm
So we shall never fear (never fear)

Oh god of thunder
Thy power rise
Raise the swords
Accept our sacrifice

Oh god of thunder
We call to thee
Thy hammer rules
Now and for eternity

The pole amidst the oaken circle
Holds an ancient spell
Runes carved in the blackened wood
Where mighty spirits dwell
Seven times we walk the circle
Leading our goats
Offering their blood
As we open up their throats

[Pre chorus]

[Chorus x3]

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