Odin - Rebellion

Fly fly Hugin and Munin
Thoughts and memories you have seen
Ravens sit on my shoulders
I must know what has been

Gunghir made of Yggdrasil's own wood
Show the world who I am
Odin the father of gods
Berserks die screaming my name

Father of all the Gods
Odin I am
Slayer of giants of ice
Odin I am

Reaper of battlefields
Odin I am
Master of runes and war
Odin I am

I sit in my halla on Hlidskialf
I can see the future and the end
Ragnarok death of the Gods
Where I'll make my final stand

I strove to find future and knowledge
When I drank from wisdom's spring
One eye I gave to Mimir the guardian
Sadness id the song left to sing

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