Our Backs to The Wind - Rebellion

Many a month on the rivers
Of these foreign lands
All the dangers we've mastered
Under Odin's hand

But as the Dnepr widens
I can feel the breeze from the sea
And the seagull's laughter
Sounds like home to me

A song of home. And to be free

Oh put our backs
To the wind once more
Set the sails for a distant shore
On the waves of the black sea ride
Brothers in arms side by side

Put our dragons on the open sea
Where a Norseman may feel free
Wake the spirit in every man
Put our backs to the wind again

And we are sailing southbound
Towards the city of stone
Many tales we have heard
Of it's wonders unknown

After weeks of sailing
Its towers
in the sun dusk appear
And we glaze at its wonders
Up to the city we steer

In awe we watch
Its walls draw near

[Chorus x2]

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