Queen of Spades - Rebellion

There's a beating of wings
On the cold night air
And the wind seems to moan in despair

It's a summoning spell
And it's calling thy name
You follow to from where it came

Listen to the voices there's evil in disguise
You fall in the blackness of her eyes

Follow the evil
A spell has been cast
In the vaults of the Queen of Spades

Fall for seduction
Her beauty will last
In the vaults of the Queen of Spades

Queen of Spades
Princess of the dark
Queen of Spades
Evil eyes under blood red skies

Become a devil's child
As you step in your dream
She waits with a smile
There is nothing obscene

There's a light in the dark
And beauty in hate
So you fell for the Queen of Spades

There's no way to return
She rules a world of her own
In her vaults you are never alone

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