Mindfucker - Sheck Wes

I mean, I mean um...
I just...
A lot of mothaf_ckas don't even understand this
The only ones who understand it is real mothaf_ckas
B_tch, b_tch, b_tch
Yah, yeah, yeah
Sheck Wes, me, mothaf_cka
I f_ckin'... I ain't even go home
I don't really, don't be at home, it's dead body
I mean I definitely want some sounds gonna f_ck n_ggas up
You mothaf_ckin' doin' it by, you know in situations and what's happenin'
You feel me? That n_gga

Late night I'm prolly moving lowkey
You think that I'm dolo, it's ten n_ggas with me (Ho)
Keep one to the hip, none of those magazines (B_tch)
Make n_ggas dip like Tom Hanks in movies (Run)
I been feelin' lazy, smokin' too much O.G (G)
Sheck Wes going through some things, I'm smokin' O.D (B_tch)
Now Sheck West in the V.I.P, last year runnin' from police
If I made it here, then I'm the M.V.P (B_tch! B_tch!)
I get higher than heaven, rock that B-A-P-E (Yeah, yeah)
These hoes say young Sheck Wes hotter than AZ
N-I-K-Es all on my feet, f_ck you, pay me
That's what a n_gga breathes (B_tch)
Can't sh_t faze me (B_tch)
You n_ggas watchin' me, I watch the throne like Jay-Z
I still ain't take an L 'til a n_gga spray me
If you got some sh_t to say, then say that sh_t to me
Listen to the kids, stop bein' hard-headed
It get tragic where I live, Sheck Wes two times, I said it
But these n_ggas ain't listen and sh_t I don't regret it
'Cause sh_t gotta happen for me to learn these lessons
Put my thoughts in my pen and bullets in my weapon
And I pray and say amen anytime a n_gga stressin'
But my mind my greatest weapon 'cause
F_ck people with, n_gga, it's your mothaf_ckin' mind
You f_ck everything but your mind, n_gga
You're a mothaf_ckin' mindf_cker

Mudboy, b_tch

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