Vetements Socks - Sheck Wes

Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa (B_tch)
Young Sheck Wes, Sheck Wes
(Young, young) Witness the best, best
(Young, young, b_tch, young, b_tch) Sheck Wes baby

Drop top coupe (B_tch)
Riding with your boo thang (Skrrr)
F_ck my old b_tch (b_tch)
I thought we had a true thang
Sheck Wes got them bars (Bars)
I give it up like Wu-Tang (Wu, Wu, Wu)
They went to Sheck Wes show (My show)
And my name is what you sang
I got hella problems (F_ck)
And I got hella issues (B_tch)
I got hella shooters, and my shooters official (Pop)
Hoes be all up in my mouth like all up in my dental (Ching)
Put my d_ck all in your mouth, like all up in your dental (Ah)
Sheck Wes got a crazy b_tch
She f_ckin' with my mental (My mental)
She got me all on THC, it's f_cking with my mental (F_ck)
I call up my brothers if Young Sheck Wes got an issue (Issue)
My shooters from hell and man dem, they gonna fix you (Fix)

Young Sheck Wes (Wes)
Stay on your block (Stay on your block)
Pulling up on b_tches in my Vetements socks
Young Sheck Wes (Wes)
I stay on the block
Pulling up on, Vetements socks

I said don't call me Sheck Wes call me Debo (Punk)
Punk lil n_gga take a lil n_gga chain (B_tch)
Ballin' on n_ggas like a free throw (Swish)
Thats why Sheck Wes never get up out the game (Skrrr)
Young n_gga stay going beast-mode (Beast)
Marshawn Lynch how a n_gga catching plays
Skin a motherf_cker like Seymour (Seymour)
I see more dollars every time I hear my name (Ahh)
Sheck Wes, Sheck Wes, Sheck Wes (B_tch)
Young n_gga pull up in a stretch, stretch (B_tch)
Flyer than a muhf_ckin' jet, jet (Jets)
Shrek Sheck Wes leave you wet, wet (Pop, pop, pop, pop)
Yeah, Sheck Wes from the projects (N_gga)
Sex, drugs, money and violence (N_gga)
All my hoes be wildin' (Wild)
Free all my boys on the island (Free 'em)
Hoes on my d_ck cause a n_gga cash up
Sheck Wes is ahead, tell these n_ggas catch up
N_gga, you ain't gang, p_ssy n_gga back up
Sheck Wes, call my apes if a n_gga act up
Shecks, I'm too real, b_tch I ain't a actor
I was out in Africa living Fear Factor
Shecks, I'm too real and they (B_tch)
Uh, fear the factor (B_tch)
Uh (B_tch), damn (B_tch), watch me pull up in a tractor (Tractor)
No Lambo, I'm a f_cking Green Bay Packer

Young Sheck Wes (Wes)
Stay on the block (Stay on the block)
Pulling up on b_tches in my Vetements socks
(In my Vetements socks)
Young Sheck Wes stay on the flock (Vetements socks)
Pulling up on (Pulling up on b_tches in my Vetements socks)
Pulling up on (This sh_t is kinda crutch, but who gives a f_ck?)
(Because its young Sheck Wes in my Vetements socks)

Listen young man, don't be stressin' (Don't be stressin')
Bullsh_t's part of life, it's a life lesson (A life, life, life lesson)
All pain and attention (Pain and attention)
Ain't have you payin' attention
Listen young man (B_tch)
Don't you be stressin' (Don't you be stressin')
Bullsh_t's part of life, it's a life (Life), life lesson (Life, life lesson)
Uh, I be on my bullsh_t (B_tch, yeah)
And I'm gettin' too (Woo)
And I'm gettin' too (Woo)
And I'm gettin' too lit right now (Too lit)
Young Sheck Wes, young Sheck Wes
I'm too on the sh_ts right now, uh
Young Sheck Wes (B_tch)

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