Falling - Snakehips feat Malika

[Verse 1:]
I could have swore I heard you calling
So I came running baby
Lost all control over my feet
Sky was black rain poured in
Still I came running baby
And let my heart take hold of me

You got the power
Your sweet your sour
Still you empower
All that I wanna to be
I'm captivated
Your so amazing
All that I'm craving
All that I need oh

I'll break down the walls
Cause to you I'm drawn
Do you hear me
I'm gonna fall for you
You can have my all
At your beck and call
Do you feel me
I'm gonna fall for you

Be Be, I'll be Yours
Be Be, I'll be yours
Be Be I'll be yours ohhh

[Verse 2:]
I swore that we were getting closer
Yeah yeah yeah yeah
So I kept running baby
You were the spark to fuel my speed
Had my struggles now their over
Over, yes love
And there's no more doubt here baby
With you

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