A Bible And a Gun - Steve Earle

There's a full moon out tonight
And it's shining down on me
And in that purest light
The slaves are still not free

So Missouri's bound in sorrow
And her woods are draped with pain
And when the sun comes up tomorrow
I'll be on the move again

Now i hear a whisper soft and low
Through every mile i run
As i travel through this world of woe
With a bible and a gun

If a man was made to suffer
I'm a mighty man i know
And I cannot shake the anger
That keeps me on this road

And they came with bugles soundin'
And righteousness decreed
And they left me with this vengeance
To forever feel

To turn the other cheek
It's the braver thing to do
I wish I had it in me
They wish they had it too

For tomorrow when we meet
This story will end
And an acient, hollow grief
Will be our only friend

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