Until The Day I Die - Steve Earle

Back in the hills when we were only kids
Love shined like a diamond in your eyes
I swore i'd never hurt you - then i did
Now i'm all alone with all my lies
I promised that i'd never be untrue
I'd never make you cry
The only promise that i didn't break
Was to love you until the day i die

I wish i'd never seen those city lights
A sight for a country boy to see
For every one that you see shinin' bright
Another is burnin' out like me
I wouldn't listen though you told me dear
I couldn't see the lie
But all the same i still love you tonight
And i'll love you until the day i die

They built this prison just for fools like me
Who don't know a treasure from a stone
I killed a man now i won't ever see
The green rollin' hills where i was born
No i won't ever see your face again
But if i close my eyes
I can almost hear you call me back to then
And i'll love you until the day i die

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