Good Ol' Boy (gettin' Tough) - Steve Earle

I got a job but it ain't nearly enough
A twenty thousand dollar pickup truck
Belongs to me and the bank and some funny talkin' man from iran
I left the service and got a g.i. loan
I got married bought myself a home
Now i hang around this one horse town and do the best than i can

Gettin' tough
Just my luck
I was born in the land of plenty now there ain't enough
Gettin' cold
I've been told
Nowadays it just don't pay to be a good ol' boy

Been goin' nowhere down a one-way track
I'd kill to leave it but ain't no turnin' back
Got the wife and the kids and what would everybody say
My brother's standin' on a welfare line
And any minute now i might get mine
Meanwhile it's the i.r.s. and the devil to pay

I hit the beer joints every friday night
Spend a little money lookin' for a fight
It don't matter if i lose or win
'cause monday i'm back on the losin' end again

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